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What is Rolfing® Structural Integration Bodywork?

Overworked or injured parts of your body can create a strain or pain in the fascial layers.

By slowly pulling out all the layers, head to toe, the tension in the fascial layer is able to readjust and allow for a better and more comfortable ‘fit’ – the tension is dispersed; movement, strain and chronic pain are affected. 

Keri Kay | Certified Rofler™

Keri works with individuals who are seeking to improve their posture, find a better range of motion or are looking for a hands-on bodywork therapy to address some of the root causes of their discomfort. 

Additionally, she works with all equine disciplines, from performance horses to trail horses.

She is a student of Equine Osteopathy at the Vluggen Institute; it is a 3 ½ year program, anticipated graduation in 2022. Equine Osteopathy is the specific application of the principles and standards developed in human osteopathy, that has been translated, adapted and modified to the special structural and physical needs of the equine. It’s a manual therapy that aims to improve the mobility and function of all parts of the body whether the skeleton, muscles, ligaments, joints or organs. Keri incorporates her Equine Osteopathy training into every session by utilizing specific assessment criteria and knowledge from corresponding affected areas to identify the regions of fascial restriction.


In 2015, while experiencing chronic back pain from an auto accident in her teens, Keri found Rolfing Structural Integration and signed up for the Rolfing Ten Series. Based on her positive results and the relief she experienced through Rolfing, Keri decided to switch from a career in Corporate Human Resources to a career in the health field. 


Keri Kay holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma. She graduated from the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO, as a Certified Rolfer in 2017. She attended massage therapy school at the Central Oklahoma College and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2018. She graduated from the Natural Equine Movement School in Battleground, WA, in 2018 and is a Certified Equine Structural Integration practitioner. 

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Jack K.

Sales and marketing professional

Today’s work was some of the most effective I’ve had done in a very, very long time! Thank you! I got in touch with the old, strong, confident self I have not been able to experience since my surgery 3+ years ago. I got a real picture that we can get me back to a truly “healthy me”. 

Rachel F.

HR Manager

Rolfing has changed my life! Before I found Rolfing, I had to do frequent massages or chiropractor visits, or just suffer in pain. Since my 10 sessions, I feel so much better! Now when I go for massages, it’s to relax, & my chiropractor adjustments last so much longer.

Betsy L.


Keri is a magician! After surgery on my elbow, I couldn’t bend it very well and the area around it always felt “numb”. After just one ScarWork session, I was able to bend my arm so much more and the numbness went away. I feel like I have a bit of the ‘old me’ back!

What to Expect

Rolfing sessions tend to last from 60-75 minutes. The first session may be longer (about 75-90 minutes) because there is a consultation and intake process included. A variety of hands-on techniques, movements and cues are used during the session, and the client is often actively involved and engaged in the work.


Since you will be involved in the work and moving around or standing, you will need to wear something comfortable and loose-fitting. For men, briefs or gym shorts are preferable. For women, exercise shorts, swim trunks, or underwear with a bra, sports bra, or a tank top are recommended.

What is ScarWork?
ScarWork treatment is used to improve the health and feel of scars from surgery or accidents.


In July 2019, Keri studied under Sharon Wheeler and Dr. Robert Schleip in Prague, Czech Republic, earning a Certification in ScarWork, learning 19 different techniques to address scar tissue. 


After treatment, clients often note that they have more mobility, return of sensation, less pain and their scars feel softer. Ultrasounds from a scar Keri worked on showed an almost 50% improvement after one session, measuring in depth from 0.114 cm to 0.68cm.


Improvement after treatment seems to be lasting and even single sessions can be helpful. It can be incorporated into Rolfing sessions, or as individual sessions. It can be done on humans or horses. 

Equine Massage
Equine sessions are offered for therapeutic purposes.

Some horses may only require 1-2 sessions for sore muscles or to correct an acute issue, whereas a horse with a long-term chronic issue will require up to 5 sessions, to address repetitive strain patterns or issues with chronic pain.


After an assessment, we will work together to create the right plan for you and your horse.


If your horse is experiencing any of the following symptoms, they may benefit from Equine Massage: head tossing, difficulty with lateral movements, stiff neck, girthing or “cold back” issues, lack of forward impulsion, refusal to pick up the correct lead. 



You should be able to feel or see an immediate improvement in suppleness and movement, as well as better performance and disposition


Is Rolfing Painful?

No. I work with each individual client to determine his or her comfort level and encourage every client to communicate immediately if she/he is uncomfortable. Sensations in the area being worked may range from pleasurable warmth to momentary discomfort.


Two frequent comments made during Rolfing® sessions are, “It hurts, but it feels good at the same time” and “I’ve been waiting for years for someone to do this”. How you will feel during Rolfing® depends on several factors such as injuries to the area or tension caused by chronic stress. 

What Are Fascial Layers?


Unlike massage therapy, which targets muscles, with Rolfing the focus is on the muscle's protective layer, called fascia. Fascia is like a body stocking, a thin sheet of connective tissue just beneath the skin, that covers every muscle, bone, organ, and cell in your body. It connects everything in our bodies through a delicate series of tension. Like a spiderweb, any adjustments or distortions in a single strand can be felt in, and affect, the entire web!

As we develop habitual ways of standing and moving and contract our muscles in the same ways over and over, or we have minor injuries that cause us to move differently, then our fascia can get ‘bound up’. Fascia is incredibly sticky, like Saran Wrap. And if it gets damaged or loses its viscosity, then we tend to become stiff, tight and have limited movement as we get older. These distortions, over time, can slowly alter our structures, and as a result, our function. 

Structure = Function


When our structure is altered, it affects how our bodies function or move. Rolfing Structural Integration is about balance in the body. When looking at a tensegrity model, all the pieces are balanced, creating an even distribution of tension throughout the whole structure. When even one piece is out of place, then additional strain is placed on other pieces to keep the structure from crumbling.


If you have overworked or injured a part of your body, it creates a strain in the fascial layers and the slack in one area will be absorbed as additional tension in an opposing area, which can create strain or pain. By slowly pulling out all the layers, head to toe, over the course of ten sessions, then the tension in the fascial layer is able to readjust and allow for a better and more comfortable ‘fit’ – the tension is dispersed; movement, strain and chronic pain are affected. 





Addresses shoulders, ribs, hips, and lower legs/feet.

60 minutes.............................$125 per session



Addresses shoulders, ribs, hips, pelvic girdle/sacrum, legs/ feet.

60 minutes.............................$110 per session


Addresses entire body: head, neck, shoulders, arms, ribs, pelvic girdle/sacrum, back, hips, knees, legs/feet.

60 minutes......................$100 per session



60-75 minutes............................$100 per session

(Must complete Ten Series before moving to Maintenance Sessions)



60 minutes............................$75 per session



30 minutes...................................$45 per session

60 minutes....................................$75 per session


45+ minute sessions............$60 per session

(when FIVE series is purchased)

 Sessions & Services

Eric H.

Research Scientist

My scars from my abdominal surgery are so much smoother and the color is no longer red, but almost the same as my regular skin tone. I’ve had a larger scar on my arm from high school, and after two sessions, you wouldn’t know it was there if I didn’t point it out. All of my scars are softer and less raised. I didn’t tell my girlfriend I was getting them worked on, and she noticed they were smoother on her own. I definitely recommend the ScarWork. 

Lisa M. 


“My horse ran into a barbed-wire fence several years ago and has a thick scar on his foreleg. As a barrel racer, extension is very important for a good race time. Keri incorporated ScarWork into his massage sessions. After just two sessions, his scar was so much softer, and I noticed he could extend his leg easier. He was a lot more flexible, too. At our next race, we had our fastest time ever!”

Richard M.

General Manager

After just one session, my shoulders and back felt so much better. I could move easier and was able to lift my arms overhead for the first time in years. I haven’t felt this good since college. 

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